Things you NEED to buy

When I was also doing reviews on YouTube I watched a lot of this bigger YouTubers that this unboxing and gear videos. They had titles like 10 things every videomaker needs or 10 gadgets you neeed for your mac. Back then, I basically also purchased some of that stuff.

Today, as I am into minimalism and really think about that stuff, well that‘s freaking stupid.

You cannot buy in

Anthony Ongaro calls it the false first step; purchasing stuff that you think you need to succeed in something.

For example, when you want to start running, what do you first think of? Just getting out of the door and start running? Probably not.

Through the advertising we are used to these days, we easily think we can buy into certain topics. It’s not your fault, but thanks to all the ads around, we think we need that pair of running shoes and some device to measure our heart rate to start running.

You also don’t need a 2000 dollar camera to get started in photography, your phone is good enough. The same goes for the running shoes, wear whatever shoes you have.

And as soon you have developed that habit or have really grown out of the possibilities that your current set offers you, then you can think about going to the next step.

If we sticks with the running example, measuring your heart rate isn’t necessary from the beginning, it can be used to optimize yourself. But trust me, you don’t need it for starting.

Don’t try to buy yourself into something. Use the resources that you have and look for free stuff that can advance your skills.

People aren‘t expecting anything

The next thing you will be bombarded is that you probably want to fulfill some expectations.

Again, if you believe advertisement, you definitely need that watch from brand “XYZ” to impress the girl next door. Or you totally need to sign up for that car lease to impress your friends.

There is this sentence from the minimalists; We buy things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like.

Before you are buying something, really think about why you are doing that. Do you want that expensive watch really for yourself for whatever reason? Or do you just want it, because you saw an ad that told you, you will get girls with that?

Think twice, what you are trying to accomplish with your purchases.

One thing that I noticed early is, people don’t expect shit from you. In former times I was always wearing different watches and buying expensive clothes because I thought people would notice. The would notice that you are wearing expensive watches. Suprise, they don’t.

Nobody cares, if your watch is a Rolex or a relatively cheap watch, or no watch at all.

So don’t try to fulfill expectations by buying stuff to impress people, that you shouldn’t even care about.


Buying stuff to either impress someone or to try to buy you into something never works. If the part of impressing people works, you are around the wrong people.

Before every purchase, ask yourself, what’s your goal with purchase.