This year I will ...

Yes, I know you had plans for 2019 and you still have, but let me tell you something. 2019 is nearly over.

There are only 70 days left! Visualize that and again tell me your plans for 2019. Are you sad now? Good! Because that planning year by year won‘t work!

Don‘t depend on an imaginative border

Let‘s be honest here. We all did that, I did that, you did that and a lot of people around you are still doing it. Making New Years resolutions.

It‘s easy to tell yourself you will do or stop doing a thing in 2020. But when 2020 comes, will you really do it? That‘s the first scenario.

Let‘s take a fairly easy and common scenario. Eating more healthy and conscious. Haha, come on. 2020 begins on the first of January, 00:00. You will be drunk; you will be hungry; you will be stuffing shit in your head without even thinking about it. The next day you will have a hangover and regret it.

The next scenario is the one I want to come to in this post. Ok, so you made an awesome resolution; You will stop smoking. Great idea! On new year’s eve at 23:59 you finish your last cigarette and throw it on the ground, and you won‘t smoke again. The next day works somehow because you have a hangover, and you are lazy anyway. On the second you are going to work again, and you are getting back to normal and start the day with a cigarette.

It doesn‘t matter if it is the 2nd or the 5th or the 23rd of February. Now what? You failed! Will you try again? Probably, of course. Next year, same day, same circumstances. That‘s what Einsteins defines as insanity, by the way.

But that‘s what we are doing.

Year by year, we are setting the same goals over and over again. And we are postponing it to the next year all the time. Are we stuffing shit in our mouth? Don‘t worry; next year will come, we have an excuse for some time.

Stop that bullshit.

Start now, not when the year starts

A calendar is a system, made up to be able to communicate a time when something happens or happened. Not more, not less. It gives us the possibility to organize our days, weeks, months, and years. It gives our life a time frame. It‘s just one representation of time.

Let it be that, exactly that.

When you want to start something or get rid of something, don‘t wait for that excuse of a new year, or a new quarter, or any other imaginative border. Start when it suits you, the best answer is always now or today.

Except planting vegetables, that won‘t work in the winter.