Trade your Time right

It’s Sunday morning, I am sitting for the first time in the dining area of my new apartment. With my black coffee and a huge glass of water, I am having a great view over Stuttgart. After a while of searching, I can even identify the office that I am working in if that matters.

Friday night we were out for some drinks and then there is always this last beer. I declined to go for that, even if it could have been fun. But even after some beer, I know that I always want to trade my time right. And at that moment, I knew, I would have traded one extra hour for a whole wasted day. Guess what, let’s talk about time trading.

Time should be greatest good

Money can buy a ton of things, rich people can get more cars, more houses and so on. But they also cannot make the day longer than 24 hours.

It’s one of the few things nobody can get more of. And that’s why you should be defending your own time very well. Don’t let anyone plan out your day for you.

Remember Simple Rules

To always have the importance of time in my head I have created a bunch of rules for myself. But these are not written down at the moment. I am so aware of them that it wasn’t necessary to. In the right situation, the right rule pops up in my head. Let me give you some examples:

  • If I work until 1 AM, I am losing two days (I have written about that here)
  • If I am getting drunk, I lose a whole week of training
  • If I starting Netflix the evening is wasted

These rules may sound harsh, but they keep me on track and keep me accountable. And if you are really honest, is your evening productive are having started Netflix?

This doesn’t mean that I am not going out or not watching a movie at all (it rarely happens). But if I am doing that, I want to do it with intention. I don’t want to turn on the TV just because that’s what people do, coming home, turning on the TV, watching 4 – 5 hours and then going to bed. At the moment I only have one movie on my list, and when I watch it, it’s intentional, planned and for a reason.

Rules to Live by

Create your own rules, find out what consumes the most of your time. Is it valuable time spent? Or is it just a waste of time. Make up your calculations: If I do X, then I lose Y. And tell them to yourself every time you encounter that situation.

After some time they will be in your head and you will remember them by heart. They will pop up in the right moments and save your ass from time to time.

Maybe you want to tell me in the comments about the rules you made up for yourself. Or what you could think of in the moment.