Trip to Croatia

Good Morning, today we will start a rarely short trip to Croatia. We will be there from Friday till Sunday for a birthday. Since we have no car I had to rent one and I am quite happy with the outcome, it is a Ford Focus Tournier (a bit underpowered ;)).

We started around seven and now we are doing a little break at McDonalds for some breakfast. Sam is working and I am just writing this little post, since I have to drive again and I didn’t want to bring my laptop because I won’t have a chance to work when we are there anyway.

Since I stopped the pressure with writing my 10 minutes writing it is also way easier to write again. I don’t have to pull something out, I just can enjoy writing 😉

We still have 6 hours to go as we are only around Munich at the moment. Gladly the streets aren’t to full at the moment, because the school holidays are over now 😉

See you when we are there 😉

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