Turn down all the noise

At some day in January I have deleted all of my work accounts from my mobile devices like my iPhone and iPad, otherwise I would have freaked out at that moment. Since then I have experimented with a ton of other things. So let’s talk about my results.

The result is quite simple: TURN IT OFF.

I have turned of every notification on my phone; no badges, no sounds, no banners. I have three exceptions for this on which I will come back later.

It may sound hard to do this and yes, the first day was quite hard. My phone became to silent and didn’t flash all the time an email popped in.

Another positive thing here, I don’t grab my phone so often and don’t get distracted so easily. If I am now grabbing the phone it has more intention and not because a stupid newsletter popped up about something I do not care.

It’s a good feeling.

A few exceptions

I have indeed three exceptions. For example if you call me the second time, my phone will ring loud. Which is a simple kind of emergency rule.

Things 3 show badges for todays tasks. To quickly be able to look where I am for the day.

Whatsapp messages; I am not chatting with a ton of people, so I leave that one, because only kind of important people have my number and they know, I hate to be distracted by useless stuff 😉

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