Urgh, of course

22:40:35 – You are commited, you are burning for something, you are prepared and BAM; It of course doesn’t work as it should. Welcome!

Yesterday I have written about, how and why I am behind my schedule, and that I want to get back to it and film a DEVLOG, finally. And yes, I did film one, and yes, I will cut it tomorrow evening and publish it, when I am at home.

After starting the camera and doing a quick intro, I fired up the app, and wanted to work on the first task, which led me to a huge bug, I wasn’t able to fix right away. It needed research. But honestly who wants to watch me an hour straight googling and trying stuff, this is totally not interesting to anybody. So I turned the camera off and stopped recording my screen.

That’s not too bad at all, because it also shows another side of software development. On good days, you write a 100 lines of code in 20 minutes, on the other day, you can sit whole day on like 1 – 10 lines of code. So I will publish it anyway.

Ok, what’s next? Since I haven’t managed to work on the frontend today, I will push this part onto tomorrow, where I will have some offline time, where I can work on styling and stuff. The rest of today will be picking up my girlfriend and working on another few API issues.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow! 👋

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