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Hey Daniel, what do you use for writing/coding/video editing? – This or similar questions, I get every day. So I decided to make a listing here, what software I use, for which purpose and also which hardware I use.


Coding / Sysadmin

For writing code, I mostly use Jetbrains great IDEs, PyCharm for Python, PHPStorm for PHP, Webstorm for Frontend Projects and Node. For playing around, like testing frameworks, scripting and writing Ansible Playbooks, I use Atom.

Within all my IDEs and Editors I use some some Vim Emulator. Whenever I am on a server or working on CLI I use Vim. IdeaVim is by far the best emulator. And remember, Vim is not only for grumpy bearded old man ;).

If I work on a little app or a test project I mostly work locally. When it’s a project I work on over time, I create a virtual machine for it, with Ansible and Vagrant. I plan to use Docker over time, for this too, but I haven’t had time to migrate my most needed projects (plus: Vagrant is doing fine).

Writing / Blogging

Most of my writing happens in Ulysses, which is a Mac/IOS exclusive application. It has tons of features that make writing more enjoyable.

For doing screenshots and marking them up, I use Snagit. It can save you hours while writing blog posts, because you can define shortcuts, and automatically can apply filters and shadows to make your screenshots sweeter.

All my blogs are made with Wordpress. I only use the interface once a week for updates and administrative stuff, since Ulysses has a great publishing option. I often thought about developing my own blog engine, but honestly, why should I. WordPress got your back in every situation.


Photo / Video

I use mostly Lightroom to edit all my images and iCloud Photos to manage them. For making graphics I mostly use Sketch or Photoshop (because it’s included in the photo package from adobe).


For editing my videos I mostly use Final Cut. If it’s only a screencast I prefer Camtasia.

Filing / Paperless

OUUUUUUUUUUUH, I hate paper. To use as less paper as possible I try to scan everything and upload it to Evernote.


MacBook Pro 13 Inch (Early 2015)

My daily driver is a maxed out MacBook Pro 13 Inch. It works damn well, even if I would love to get 32 GBs of RAM into it, which sadly isn’t possible.

iPad Pro 9.7

Since December 2016 I am the owner of an iPad Pro. I do most of my writing on it and edit it later on the MacBook

iPhone X 256GB

Since a month or so, I am using the iPhone X with 256 GB of memory. Overall it’s a great phone. Before I had an iPhone 6, which started to cut into my finger, because the screen was broken. I dropped it while enjoying a Kebap ;).

Acer EB321HQU (32 Inch)

I wanted a bigger screen and more pixels, so this is the perfect match between budget, pixels and size. It has only WQHD which means something like 2560 x 1440 (right?). But it’s damn sharp and 4k at this size combined with the price doesn’t make sense for me right now.

Magic Trackpad 2 + Keyboard 2

When it comes to keyboards, I feel like a girl in a shoe store. I own around 15 keyboards if I include the keyboards I own more than one time. I got some from Das Keyboard, some Anne PRO, some Lenovo Compact Keyboards. But the one I most enjoy is the Apple Magic Keyboard combined with the Trackpad because they just work with Mac OSX.

Logitech MX Master

So when I need a mouse, there is no other way to go for me. I have fairly large hands, and the Magic Mouse sucks then. Also the MX Master works smoothly with Mac’s gestures. The built quality is awesome.

Anker Soundbuds

As with keyboards, I own too many of them. JBL BT50, AKG K545, another pair of AKG, Sennheiser, Phillips, EarPods, on and on. BUT there is not one pair that suprised me like this little suckers. They only cost about 20 euros and are incredible. The sound is clear and brilliant, the built in microphone works awesome, the magnetic clip mechanism is great, they don’t fall out, and all that for 20 dollars/euro. Go buy them!


I still love the Soundbuds. But I listen to Podcasts and audiobooks whenever I can and for this process the AirPods are just unbeatable. I pull them out of the case, put them in my ears and can start listening. The price is 9 times higher, but this was worth it for me 👍


Since you asked I will put it in; My desk. It’s a acacia board, 180cm x 80cm. I have bought it from OBI, and it costs around 100 Euro. So take a look at your local hardware store for this. It sits on top one Alex drawer and some regular 76 cm legs.


This page is and will be always work in progress. If you have questions about stuff I use, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Also if you have suggestions for me, put them in comments! Thanks and see you later!

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