Warming up

I haven’t had any issue coming up with ideas or sitting down and just starting to write last year. But since I haven’t published anything valuable since last November, I need to challenge myself a bit, to get back to writing. So I am starting a little challenge with myself.

For the full month of May 2019 I am writing and publishing a post every day with at least 500 words. I am not doing a 10 minute blog post, instead I will focus on getting at least 500 words out there.

Why the difference this time?

Last time I was just writing every morning for 10 minutes. I am still doing this most of the time, but in my journal. To order myself and keep up with my habits and getting clear about myself.

But I want to output value. So for this 31 days, I already gathered a lot of topics and I am still on it. I think it’s around 16 article ideas, that I’ve also send around to some people to check if they are interesting to them.

Will it be hard?

Yes, but otherwise it won’t be a challenge. Another point that ups the challenge a bit, 10 days of May I will be in Mumbai on a business trip and another weekend I will be visiting my parents. And mostly in this times, I let it slip, because it’s just to convient having an excuse like that.

And since I am writing this little post here, I am recognizing how long 500 words can be 😉

What will it be about?

The topics are mostly spread around Minimalism, Meaningful Productivity and mindset things, if you would call that so.

Here and there will be something about certain apps that I am finding helpful, or some technology that helps me getting my shit done.

Probably also about some traveling related thing. Or also about some experience that I made. I won’t put any borders round the topics of this blog anymore. I am a guy with a lot of interests and that’s what this blog is going to show in the future.


I am a little pumped about that challenge and if I manage to output for 31 days straight, there will be a little gift to myself, what will also appear here. And I won’t stop after the 31st day.