What’s up


Welcome to my new blog. In this post I want to give you a quick intro to the why and the what. Let’s get started.

Why another blog?

I publish regulary on hauck.io and shortly I started wholecode and another project. That’s because I wanted to separate the projects, one for software development, one for digital productivity and one for business. But I also got other topics, that don’t fit in one of them or fit all of them. Both cases will be published on this blog.

What you can expect here?

As mentioned above, mostly about the topics that would fit all of the blogs. I want to publish a quick roundup every month, which explains what I have worked on in the past month and what are the next projects I will be working on.

But also other stuff will land here. I won’t make any promises here, but here are a few things that could show up here:

  • reviews of non tech related stuff
  • vlogs
  • maybe recipes
  • personal stories
  • photos
  • health tips and reports

2018 is the year

This blog post is actually written on the 26th December 2017. I already outlined the year 2018 and made my plans on what I want to accomplish. I always made plans, but never had been that sure, what I want to do with my time. It’s not a ‘this time it’s different’. I will work my ass off to accomplish my goals this year and it would be amazing, to see you joining me on the journey.

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