Welcome to March – the month of Frontend!

A full month of learning backend development with nodeJS is behind me. Ok not every day 8 hours, since I got a full-time job, but a lot of time went into it.

So I am happy to switch topics and take care of my frontend skills. I was more a Angular fan, thanks to the stupid regulations in Reacts licensing. Also in my yearly plan, I had layed out, that I will use Angular. But since React changed the licensing to MIT and I touch React in some way every day, I changed my mind and ditched Angular and Ionic for React and React Native.

The thing I want to build with React is obvious, my time tracking app. Maybe I will tell about its functionality in another 10 minutes post.

Another thing that will be part of frontend monht is CSS grid, since I already took the course from Wes Bos, I want to build something up on it. I got a little Node app in my mind, called Web Sniper. Probably that’s a good thing to get my hands on it. Basically it will take screenshots of your website 😉 Stay tuned, will tell you about it.

Next thing, today is date night, we will be at a restaurant in the black forest, where tons of meat will be served, I am excited about it. I am sure tomorrow I will tell you. And also how important a datenight for you and your spouse can be 😉

That’s it guys! See you tomorrow!

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