What a week – stay on track

22:50:35 Wow, quite early today…

Okay, it’s Wednesday and this week feels like it’s not going slow anywhere. The birthday of my girlfriend is on Saturday and we have to get a lot of things done till then. I bet you know this feeling…

How to tackle it? I know that I am probably not getting much done for today, so I will go to bed after this, to get some things done tomorrow right before work. Also a huge thing for me here is my todo list, which has the tasks for every single day.

For tomorrow I have the plan to create a cake, but not a normal cake, a freaking unicorn cake. I have never baked a cake before, muffins once, but from some ready made mixture. I hope this will work out, at least I hope it will taste good. That’s what matters 🤷‍♂️. Back to the todo list here. Every task for this is outlined in my day tomorrow. For example, buying all the stuff. Things I could prepare and so on. Great thing is, I got help from Dave. I am not sure if he has done a cake like this before, but I am sure it will be fun 😜.

And that’s already it for today. Thing that should be clear right now; stay focused and stay organized, to survive weeks like this. See you! 😉

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