What happens when you wear the same clothes every day

TL;DR – Nothing, people don’t give a fuck.

Without even thinking about minimalism, I already did this some years ago. But with my minimalist approach the benefits became even clearer in my mind.

Let’s start with WHY

Like mentioned above I did this before. Back then it was just laziness and seeking for simplicity. I ordered 5 blue shirts, 5 grey shirts and 5 black shirts, just for convenience. It got easier, but I still had to choose from one color and I still had tons of other options available.

This was a great start, I simply switched through them, but after a while I was mostly wearing a blue shirt. Then somehow I lost this approach and didn’t get back until I started thinking about minimalism.

Most humans are decision fatigue, so am I in some points. Even I would call myself very quick in making decisions, I was thinking a lot about, what I should wear and if it would fit that day. And as I also would consider myself a simple guy, guess what happened, I was wearing the 5 same shirts all the time.

If you are switching between only five items, you can imagine how quickly they lost their fit and don’t look good anymore. Then my minimalist thoughts came into place, why not just buy 10 – 15 same shirts again.

It took two iterations until I found shirts that are fitting well and are also more durable.

Now I am just not thinking about it anymore, what I am going to wear tomorrow, also if you a good fitting black shirt all the time, you will realize it fits for mostly all purposes. I still have some button up shirts in my closet, but I actually don’t wear them, I couldn’t remember the last time.

You won’t believe how much head space that saves me and how happy I am just about that amount of time I am saving each morning.

People don’t even notice

Now let’s cover what other people are thinking about you, if you are appearing with the same shirt and jeans all the time.

Actually no one gives a shit. Except like 2 to 3 people asked me about it, if it’s really the same shirt every day, or if I just got a ton of them.

With the people that I talk about such topics, like minimalism and intentional living, I mostly got the feedback that they would also like to size down a bit but won’t ever go for just wearing the same every day.

And lucky you! There are also other approaches than going out with a black shirt with the rest of your life. For example project 333. That’s basically a challenge of using only 33 clothing items, for 3 months. Maybe that’s the right approach for you.

Additional bonuses

A few things I just want to mention quickly, that I will probably write more about somewhen in the future.

By always wearing the same thing, you don’t have to pack different for any trips. I don’t care if I am going for a business trip or private vacation. Black shirts are fitting every where.

When doing the laundry you will be so amazed, because it’s freaking easy. When having only a that less things, doing the laundry is a quite easy task, you are putting 10 shirts in one drawer, done. No figuring out in which closet this has to go.


After doing this for a while now, all of the factors above really make me happy. I spend actually no time with thinking what I should wear. I don’t need to do any shopping. And nobody cares anyway 😉