What I need to be happy

This post is written by Kathrin, she is a good friend of mine. At the moment she doesn’t have an own blog, which could change in the future. This is the first post she has ever written and I liked it so much, I just couldn’t not publish it.

I am sitting in my garden, drinking coffee, enjoying the sun and thinking about writing. A friend of me had a challenge with himself to write one post every day for 31 days. Yesterday it ended and I am very impressed about his constantly. And he wrote a post about why he is writing.

This post made me think about writing by myself. Writing helps to express yourself, it helps to bring your thoughts out of the mind and I think it helps to empty your mind more and more. After writing you should feel more calm and feel more free-minded. So with this first post I will try how it feels to write.

Why I have chosen this subject?

Last week a friend asked me, how I feel. And my answer was, that I feel so good and that I am so happy. That my live is so wonderful and that I am so thankful for my live how it is right now. In that evening this friend wrote me a message and told me, that he was so impressed about my answer and that my answer was so honest for him and he felts that my answer was so truthly from my heart.

And this brought me to think about myself. Yes the answer was and is absolutely correct. I was smiling little bit that someone else can feel that I feel really good.

Now I am sitting here and ask myself why I feel so happy. To be happy is for me a natural state. Your nature is happiness. Because of our thoughts we overlook this state all the time. We have so many thoughts the whole day, this is crazy. Few years ago I was in a mediation centre where it was not allowed to speak ten days. It was a silence retreat and it was not allowed to have books, mobile phones or things that could disturb you.

The first time I was there it felt so awkward and scary for me when I realized what happens in my mind. I thought my mind is sick and I was really freightened about my self.

At that certain moment I knew that there is no way back. Back to unconscious. I realized that I have millions of crazy thoughts every single day and that this happens unconscious. What a awareness. About the topic thoughts I will write an extra article, otherwise this first article will be to long.

Your Nature is Happiness

Back to your nature is happiness. If you try to throw all your thoughts away, I mean really empty your mind – with meditation you can train that – another topic to write 😉 – and then lean back and observe how you feel without going again into your crazy bookstore you will see that there is that happiness. And this happiness is always there. Even if your are stressed, depressed or feeling bad.

To recognize this nature is so graceful. This makes me feeling free and happy.

So what do I really need to be happy?

The answer is just simple: nothing. Even the word nothing is to much.

If you think you need something or someone to be happy, it always leads to unhappiness. Because you make your happiness dependent on someone or something. This can lead to loss of your happiness.

And how you can loose happiness if this is your nature?

If you need no happiness to be happy this is true happiness. If you don’t have the thought of being happy, that is real happiness, this is your nature.

The Moment of Relief

When I came to that recognition it was an amazing relief for me. All the bullshit like money, a partner, this special car, this house and so on can’t make you happy. If you think, now I have my dream partner or my dream car it needs no long time where the happiness is gone and that repeats your whole live. It is a vicious circle. And this never stops. I think you know what I mean. Everyone had this situation in their live, where you feel more or less happy and then comes the point where you realize that you need another partner or a faster car.

I mean it is ok to have this thoughts and change your partner and buy and new car. This are good feelings. But it has nothing to do with happiness.