What makes a good evening routine?

TL;DR everything that helps me to fall asleep faster and get up easier

I really put a lot of thoughts into, what a good evening routine for me could be. In the past week I started with preparing for the morning, which includes

  • filling up a bottle of water and putting it onto the sink in the bathroom
  • preparing my clothes for the next day
  • packing my backpack or sports clothes

This works out pretty well, but that ain’t the end goal. I am still struggling with some things. So I put more thought into, what could make the end of my day better.

What bothers me is a messy desk in the evening. So I put a things more into the routine, which now means, I put everything off my desk in the evening. Today I will add another thing, which is putting up my iPad there, connected to my charger, to be ready to write a few hundred words in the morning. Be it into my journal or directly to the blog.

So my evening routine just got a few new points.

See you!

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