What Minimalism is for me

TL;DR Minimalism for me is a tool, that helps me to focus on what’s really important in life.

Some things in this post, probably came already through in other posts. But I wanted to make sure to have a list, where everything comes together.

Not being owned by my stuff

Let’s rewind by about 1,5 years. I had to move out of my apartment and have had so many boxes. If I would need to sum it up, there were at least 15 – 20 moving boxes. And that wasn’t even all. I had tons of clothes, a drawer here and there, some furniture, electronics. So much stuff. I was literally owned by it.

I couldn’t tell when I last used most of the things. But still I wanted more. A keyboard here, some raspberry pi there. Clothes I wouldn’t ever wear, gym clothes I would have a hard time wearing, gadgets I didn’t ever unpack.

By being really honest to myself what I really need, I could really size down on material stuff.

When I started appreciating a minimalist lifestyle and started getting rid of things, donating things and so on, I realized how much pressure went away, because I just don’t have these things around anymore. And if I am only thinking about it, it makes me happy to have that weight removed.

A simpler and easier life

This is best described on the clothing part. I was never really into fashion. I never really thought, Yeah, I need that super duper fancy shirt or that sneaker. Lucky me. But even there, I had so many clothes to choose from. From button up shirts to basic stuff to conference shirts and more. Every morning I had to choose from a huge set of clothes.

Now I own two pair of good jeans, 15 shirts (I need some more, I realized) and some sweat shirts. And that stuff that I am wearing day in day out. And you know what? People don’t give a damn about it.

I have a stack of shirts, black ones. Every evening, I grab a shirt, a pair of socks, underwear (yes, I wear underwear, even if I haven’t put that up above) and put it in the bath room to be prepared for the next day. It’s so simple not having to think about, which stupid shirt I am wearing or if that fits to that and stuff like this.

Just a note here; yes, I have a suit and things like that, but it’s also boiled down to two jackets, two button up shirts and one black pair of trousers and some matching shoes.

Less confusion

A big thing that frees my mind is the elimination of choice. But also on the other hand, owning less stuff is less confusing.

When I am traveling, I dont’ have to think about what could I be missing. I am always bringing the same things with me. A bunch of shirts, my phone, my laptop plus charger, credit card, passport, second pair of pants (I always needed them ;)), power cord with usb cables and toiletries with me. What else could I need? If I need something additional, well I could still get it.

When I remember back to a trip to Greece, my backpack was so freaking heavy, I had sooooo much stuff with me. Now I am just traveling with bare minimum that’s necessary. I don’t take cameras with me, no printbooks, no just-in-case items.

More time and focus

By spending less time and mental energy with the things that I own, I got more time to focus on the important parts.

I don’t need to take care of things that need maintenance, that are always not working properly when I need them. When leaving the house in the morning, I won’t think about what I could take with me. It’s just my bag, that also has the bare minimum in it.