When you most need it - don‘t let it slip

Write. Write more. Write even more. Write even more than that. Write when you don’t want to. Write when you do. Write when you have something to say. Write when you don’t. Write every day. Keep writing. ― Brian Clark

This quote was pinned to the wall in my office for the last two years. Now that I am moving out of this apartment, I thought a little about this quote. Originally I put this up when I wanted to remind myself to write more recently.

For myself I am getting another message out of that; When you most need it, don’t let it slip. What’s it all about, I will tell you in a second.

It’s not always easy

Generally I would say I got a positive mindset. But also I got bad days, I also had bad days in a row.

And yes, you can be pissed too, you even should. Otherwise you will probably explode some day.

In some podcast they discussed the healthiest freaking out is actually in the car. Not by speeding, crashing or doing stupid things, instead by screaming and shouting. Because you can blow off some steam and do not harm anyone with that. Sounds valid. Don’t look into the mirror when I am behind you. 😉

There will be situations that you cannot easily swallow down and act like nothing happened. Life is a bitch and shit happens. You cannot be dancing around the problems all the time.

I am also talking about stress-full periods in your life, be it work-related or private. At the moment I got a lot on my plate. A new team, a project here, a side project there, getting back into writing, traveling and so on.

I know that my brain works better if I am journaling, if I am going to the gym regularly, if I eat healthy and if I am listening to myself and also taking time off, for meeting with friends and also taking time for myself.

So when life starts to throw stuff at you, don’t let your schedule for self-care slip.

Do even more

Like it’s said in the quote in beginning; more. If I am feeling like shit, I am writing even more into my journal, I even pay more attention to my routines and follow them more rigidly.

Normally I am writing two times a day into my journal. In stressful times I am writing probably like 10 times a day. Just a few words, how I feel, what brought me down again.

It helps me to keep my head clear and to stay on top of my thoughts.

Another good example is sport. I don’t need to tell you that going to the gym after a hard day isn’t the first thing you’d like to do. But you and I know, you feel better after that. You got some blood pumping, blew off some steam and your head is clear again.

You know it’s good, don‘t be lazy

We are always searching for excuses to not do things. And trust me, I know what I am talking about. I could tell you so many excuses I have used.

I know that healthy food is good for me and I actually even like to cook. But I am not doing it that often, because it costs time, that I think I don‘t have. If I now force myself or get forced by friends to do it, I am happy I have done it.

Ok, my friends don‘t force me to cook, but that applies also to examples like meeting friends. Yeah, it sounds relaxing to stay on the couch for the evening. Admit it, after you were out, had a few drink and good conversations, you are happy that you did it.

Don‘t let it slip

If I it‘s bad or good times, stick to the things that make you happy. And don‘t wait for yourself to find a fitting excuse, just go for it instead.