When you don’t feel like it

To be honest? I don’t feel like writing a blog post today, I would prefer to sit on the couch and watch a movie. But since I am living by the sentence “Show up every day”, that’s just not an option.

Sometimes you will really need to dig through something and I am having the commitment, to write and publish every single day that month, no matter how I am just not feeling it today.

Like I’ve written in How to stay motivated I am prepared for this kind of situation, with lots of idea in my backlog. I could grab something from that, but instead I want to focus today, on how to get going if you really got no intention of doing something at all.

Force yourself to start

While reading this blog post, I am really continuously thinking about just opening up YouTube and just watching some videos.

I put my phone away and switched my iPad into airplane mode, so I won’t be distracted by any messages or notifications. Also I turned some light music on to calm down a little, best without lyrics, otherwise they could be more interesting then the task itself.

Tell yourself, or better don’t allow yourself to leave that place until you haven’t finished. I won’t stand up, before I haven’t finished and published this blog post.

If you are struggling to stick to it, read my post on how to stay motivated here, to learn some techniques to stick to things.

Get into the zone

Now that you are sitting on your ass, whatever task you need to work on, try to get into the working flow. For me a timer or in case of writing a word count helps a lot, to see that I am keeping going.

Also some inspiring music can help here. I am often using light electronic music there or even classical music can help there, on one hand to focus on the other to calm down a little.

Don’t let yourself be interrupted and defend your zone. If you are sharing the space with someone, tell them that you need to get something done and ask them to not disturb you. Put your cat or dog in a different room, if they like to climb on your keyboard and interrupt your work. It may sound rude in the first place, but most people will accept it without asking.

That worked perfectly yesterday; I was sitting at the airport in Mumbai and I asked my colleagues to not disturb me for at least 20 minutes, because I have to do my daily writing.

While writing this now, my Apple Watch was vibrating 2 times in 5 seconds. Get rid of that for now. I won’t miss out anything because I am not answering for 30 minutes.

After a while you will recognize you are in. I am now in the zone, already got 492 words down for today. I actually would be ready now with the blog post. 509 words.

Don’t loose the momentum

Momentum is one of the best things that can be in you while working. Haven’t you ever had the feeling that you could go on forever? I am sure you had.

Defend that and be precious with it. If the world around you accepts it, go on. Don’t let yourself be disturbed. That coffee can wait, so can the shower or the cigarette.

Momentum and focus are not credits that you buy some where, so don’t treat them like that. See what works for you, what brings you in the zone, what helps you to get focused and working. Write that down and formulate a recipe to help yourself get out of I am not feeling it.