Where 2021 Will Lead Me

Let's talk about my goals for 2021, even if I am a bit late for the party. But who cares about the man-made borders of calendars anyway?

This time the time box of a year seems just right for the goals I have set for myself. In my last article, I wrote about what it was like to write and publish straight for 365 days. This all ended on the 5th of December, so I took the remaining time of the year to think about and formulate my next goals.

It was a back and forth and even now these goals are not hammered in stone. Maybe I will adjust them along the way. But they are good enough to get started.

About 2020

Last year I have written every day, that habit will stay with me, as it helps me to stay on top of my mind. Most of it will go either into my notes as well as in my journal.

A thing I will stop this year is starting too many things at once. I got it, I can't do it all. I can't keep ten projects alive at the same time. For everything, I will do, I will question myself; does this add up to my goals? If not, it will be skipped.


For some years now I consider myself a leader. And the more I learned about this role and their responsibility, the more I have to learn that leadership, or however you call it, is pretty fucked up.

People are mistaking leaders as someone who tells you what to do and what not to do. A kind of command and control position. Still, too many leaders talk about monitoring resources...

Some have gone further and throw around phrases like employees are the biggest capital. A good step, but better not question their position. At this point you are not making friends.

The next step for many organizations was to introduce Agile, mostly delivered as a methodology like Scrum or Kanban. Reading through the framework documentations mostly the manager is out of the picture.

What will happen? Since managers are not mentioned there, they fear to lose their power or position. Managers will either feel lost or useless.

That sucks, not only for the managers, but also for the team as it's hard to get support from their leader if he or she doesn't feel like part of the team anymore.

Someone has to fix that, or at least help to fix that. And that is where my goal is derived from. Spreading the right message. Asking the right questions. Being able to help new leaders or people that are eager to learn.

The goal is labeled the following: Become the go-to Agile Leadership guy.

The details you can find here.

This is ambitious. I am aware, but better do I settle somewhere near the top than not starting at all.

About being accountable

Back in the days when I would still consider myself on the first wave of productivity, I used tons and tons of tools to monitor and track what I am doing.

It doesn't help. The best setup and the best tools doesn't support you if you are not focusing on your goals. Tools are perfect to act as Proxy Productivity (You are working inside a task management tool, so you must be productive).

This time I wrote down my goals just in my notes, in the forms of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and review the progress together with my girlfriend, which brings me to the second point; Being accountable.

Last year it was easy. My accountability was public. If there was no new post on dhck.today, I didn't follow my goal. This time most happens behind the curtains, learning and working through documents and books. That's where an accountability partner comes in handy. Tell them about your goal and ask them to bug you every other week to show them the progress.

A positive side effect is that you need to explain your progress or what you learned to somebody else which ensures you need to understand what you are talking about.

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck

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