Why do I blog?

I am a huge fan of Simon Sinek and his book Start with why. And that’s why I regularly ask for the WHY in stuff I am doing. So let’s talk about the why especially for this blog.

This blog is my 5th blog or so. The first was about programming, the second about productivity, the third about sysadmin stuff, the fifth about productivity but in German. And I always mixed in personal stories, especially in the productivity blogs on how I dealt with certain situations or how I progressed on some topics.

The last part is the reason for this blog danielhauck.net. But why do I blog in general?

Think better

Blogging, especially my daily 10 minutes writing, made me a better thinker. I have to order my thoughts faster and structure the content in my head. And this bubbles up to other areas in your life. My thoughts are clearer since I began to blog.

Personal brand

Another thing that you should consider is your personal brand. If your blog grows and grows, you will get known. People will remember you if they stumble across your publications online. They will connect a certain mindset, positive or negative, with you.

Learn everyday – by writing and reading

As I am not a native english speaker, I have to look up words some time, nearly everyday. So this trains my english skills. Especially when I am proof reading my posts with Grammarly and I learn about the mistakes I make and what I could do better.

Also reading what other people write about a certain topic refers to learning everyday. I am a huge productivity nerd and consume tons of writings about certain methods and apps in this space. Not to mention all the coding stuff I read every day.

Build great habits

If you start to write and eventually write every single day, you start building a great habit. Even cooler, it makes it easier to build other habits too. Your brain gets used to get other stuff done as continuously as your writing.


There are a lot of reasons for starting or maintaining a blog. What’s yours? If you have any questions about, how to start a blog, tell me, and I will do my best to help you!

I am sure I missed something here, so either this will be updated, or there will be a part two in the future, see you tomorrow!

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