Why I am so precious about my Time

There is one thing in your life, where definitely can not get more of. No matter what you are you are doing. No matter how much money you have. It cannot be purchased or ordered online. Yes, you are right, it’s your time.

Hopefully everybody found that answer 😉

In this post I want to talk a bit about, what are the common issues of losing or wasting time, the factors that are influencing that and how to reclaim your time.

Even if you are the richest person here, you just cannot purchase any time. Everybody has the same amount of time in his or her life. There are certain methods of spending the time right, but just remember; There is no way to restore lost time.

The Bad Guys in this Movie

In your time on this planet, there will be always be people that don’t value their own time. They don’t think about what they are doing or working on. They are just living into they day.

And it really doesn’t matter, if they are supervising you and somehow got into that role, or if it’s some neighbor that thinks talking shit to you about other neighbors is valuable method spending your time. They will pop up everywhere in your life. Their is no recipe on how to avoid them totally.

This persons never spend a single minute in their life, on thinking about the time of others. I crossed the way of multiple of those people, be it a boss, a friend, a neighbor, whatever.

Guess what the biggest improvement could be? Avoid this moments and people at any cost.

Use your time right

Besides the wasting of your time by other people, you also need to consider, with what you are spending your time.

A whole week of binge watching Netflix or an hour of trying to convince a neighbor that you are sure that you put the piece of paper into the right trash can, surely isn’t.

You need to pay attention to your priorities in life and make sure that your spent time aligns with them.

Free up yourself

Now that we have talked about the waste of time, let’s come to tactics and strategies on how to avoid them and reclaim your time.

The part of getting around toxic people is easy; Sorry, I am in hurry is the easiest answer you can give. It may seem impolite, but think about it; They are wasting your time. They are stealing from you. Blame them, not you!

It’s not that easy in work life. You cannot tell your boss all day, that you don’t have any time for him. Instead talk to him, tell him that she is always getting you out of focus and that’s costing them money in the end, because you need more time in that way. Ask them to create an appointment in your calendar to talk about that topic or write an email that you could come back to later.

If they still don’t agree, it’s hard, but look for another job. This kind of people won’t learn and are going to waste your time without even caring.

Another very effective method is to create appointments with yourself. It may sound stupid in the first place, but think about it. The first point is, time in your calendar that is blocked, cannot be used up by someone else to book appointments, that can be daunting. And second, if you are putting up an appointment to yourself, you are commiting on a certain task there and you are more likely to it, if it’s present in front of you and you are notified about that by your calendar.

As a ending message here; Use your time, every day, just don’t use it up.