Why I am Writing

I am sitting in an Irish Pub with Dave while writing this article. Actually it should be named Why I am blogging, but he had a point. It‘s actually not about blogging, it‘s about writing. So here are my reasons why I am writing this blog, why I am writing my journal, why I am writing every single day.

Express myself

Since I can remember I was always looking like a way to express myself. Express my opinion, express thoughts and feelings.

Even though I tried multiple options, I always came back to writing. I started very early to write down thoughts and using paper notebook to document each day. Kind of like a journal. Ten years later I still do that, and one or another blog project has been started or stopped. Also a YouTube channel exists, but I always came back to the written word as my weapon of expression.

Teach and Inspire others

I always liked to teach people and share knowledge. My second and biggest blogging project hauck.io was about teaching tech stuff to other people. I also trained people on the job and it always was fun for me and through writing I have the options to reach even more people than by only doing it with my interns.

The next thing is, I want to inspire other people to also start to write or find their own style of expressing themselves. Since I am writing I have found a way to also blow off some steam or come clear with things in my head and don‘t let them explode later.

To Learn and Understand

When you are writing about something, you should have a fairly good understanding what you are talking about. Before every article I am looking for some statistics or similar topics to gather some data or inspiration.

That‘s actually great. With every article that I am writing, I will learn something new. Or get a different view on a certain topic. Just by reading a different opinion can open up a whole new world, if you are open minded.

For me as a native German speaker, that only writes English all the time, there are also some learning of the language.


No matter if it is a good day or a bad one, I like to look in my journal where I was last year. Did I feel good on that day, what did I feel on that certain day, what did I do there and so on.

Imagine this in about 10 years. Then I can look back and see what has changed in life. Not only what has changed in my life, also how my writing style and what I write about differs then. It‘s the same as with photos. I started with photography very late, with like 18, I‘d love if I had started earlier to see what I have done at a certain day, or where I have been.


The mixture of learning, documenting and expressing makes writing the perfect choice as a medium for me.

What‘s your medium of choice, either to create or to consume?