Why I still need a laptop

Why I still need a laptop

This evening I am sitting on a boat in Amsterdam. I have written my daily journal on my iPad and put a lot of photos in from my phone.

I didn‘t take my laptop with me only my iPad on this trip and I regret it. It has some good parts, like the battery life, because I can work constantly on like 15 percent of the battery life. But also some bad things, that start to gain weight.

When a tablet is not enough

For me an iPad is still not a full PC. It covers most of the things I need but not all of them. If I would be a 100 % writer or author and would set up my blog and live with that setup for a year or so, I would be fine with the iPad-only-life. But since I am a tech guy and I sometimes have to keep things up and running, this is nothing for me.

And I am not even talking about SSHing into a server or writing code, I am talking about editing files and syncing them around. Don‘t get me wrong, it got way better, but it‘s still far away from a good experience.

Maybe if I would be Windows user I could live with a Microsoft surface, but until then, I will have to carry around my laptop for a few years 😉

Sizing down

At the moment I own a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro. Yey, everything Pro. But in the matter of sizing down all the things, I also had to decide to focus on one device.

For the future, it will be a MacBook Air, just simply because of the battery life. It is a full PC with more than enough battery capacity.

It is small enough to also have it on me on the trips I do, but also powerful enough for everything I want to do.

In the case of minimalism, this also takes the burden off me, to decide which device I am going to take with me. And since I know that I can totally work with a MacBook Air and that it fits perfectly on my lap, this is a fairly easy decision.