Work for your Dreams

22:48:28 – I have this quote in my head “Your Dream won’t work unless you do” – Let’s talk a bit about it.

“Someday I will be successful” – “I will get a lead position and get rich” – “Someday I’ll get over it” I can’t hear this shit. So many people aren’t working on their self and believe, that someday will come and solve all their problems. When I was 16 I also believed, that someday will come without any effort. But surprise, it doesn’t. And that why I like this quote.

You cannot sit on your lazy ass and expect magical things to happen over night. Success requires hard work. You have to do something about it.

The next portion is the “I had the idea for X before <put name here>”. Yeah, I had the idea for a cool software, but I didn’t work enough on it and somebody else put it out there before I even begun developing it. The truth sounds hard, but ideas are, everything depends on execution.

Why do I write this today? Because I need to remember myself to get my ass up every day. Work hard, go to the gym, don’t stop improving on myself.

So what I do today, to improve myself? I learned meteor, a JS full stack framework, I listened to a few chapters of John Maxwell book about leadership, read 20 pages of Götz Werners biography and went to the gym for an hour and spent time with my girlfriend. A quite successful day I would say.

Get your ass up and stop making stupid excuses! ✊ See you! 👋

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