Would you do anything different?

23:26:41 Ouh, quite early today 😜

I bet you have heard this question a ton of times, “If you could be X again, what would you do different?” – I always answer the same; “Nothing”.

And this has a simple reason. All of the decisions I made, brought me to this exact place at that exact time. I could have skipped tech school, I could have skipped a former company I’ve worked for. But all this decisions, everyone of them, has brought you were you are now.

This can be either good or bad. But if I wouldn’t have spend time with friends that had serious problems, I would value life so much and wouldn’t be as thankful. Of course life could have been easier. But I wouldn’t be there were I am right now. And it doesn’t pay to always take the easy path.

That’s it, I haven’t much more to say about this topic right now, maybe another time.

Another thing that comes to my mind is a new challenge. I have already reached the 48th day of writing daily and I want to try something new. As I sadly couldn’t manage to publish any of the devlogs, I need something else to challenge myself.

It will be quite harder than writing for 10 minutes each day. If everything goes well, I will start next Tuesday with this project, so stay tuned 🤔

That’s it for today! 👋

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