You Are Alone

When the idea for article came to my mind, I wasn‘t sure how to write it. It sounds very negative in the beginning, but the message here is actually a positive one.

It’s you

If it comes to advancing your life in any way, there is only on factor that it depends up on. YOU. Either relationships, career, health, fitness, it’s always you.

You are doing the workout, you are learning new stuff to advance your career, you are spending night after night in front of the computer trying to write a bestseller.

On the other hand; it’s you that puts shit in your body, be it food, alcohol or cigarettes. It’s you that decides to watch another episode of a show on Netflix or to stop at night at the drive-through and buys a burger. It’s you that is sitting in his room playing video games instead of reading that book, you always wanted to read.

That’s something you need to realize. You are in control of your life.

If you don’t decide what you are going to do with life, someone else will. Be it television, advertisement or people that are trying to take advantage of you.

Sounds bad? Read on.

That’s actually amazing. It may sound desperate at the beginning. But if you really think about it for some time, you will get it.

You are in charge

When everything is your fault, on the other side you are in control. If you fail or succeed is solely in your hands.

You are grown up, you have full awareness of what you are doing.

You can push yourself into the maximum of your abilities. By paying attention to yourself and always keep working on your skills and always stay ahead of everybody else, you can reach everything.

If you are willing to set aside negative things, give up time wasting activities, for example gaming or such, invest in yourself and commit to a goal, there is no reason, you couldn’t make it.

By realizing the positive part of being alone, you will start to see things differently. You are responsible for yourself, no one else. So always ask yourself the question if it’s good for you what you are up, if it’s bringing you anywhere or if it will slow you down.

Don’t blame others for failing. It’s you. But also if you are succeeding, it’s your success.

Consider everything else as a Bonus

… and nothing for granted.

Now there a bonuses in life. Or call it gifts. Persons around that will help you reach your goal. But you can not make anything dependent up on them.

Friends can be great for motivation or helping you out in some ways, but don’t make them part of your plan for success. It’s still you that has to put in the hours.

If you are depending all of your success on a person or a group, you are doing two things;

  • putting pressure on them
  • making yourself weak

Persons can go away, and they will. Don’t tell me, that you are still around the same people for all of your life. That’s ok, that’s even good, interests change, life changes and you are changing too. If I would be still around some people I would probably be a lazy alcohol addict or something similar.

By treating them as a bonus, you will still know, that everything depends on you. Partnering up is great and can really accelerate you, but remember to consider is a gift and not as a matter of course.

You are in charge of your life. No one else.