You are grown up - act like it

“I couldn’t finish my work until today, because I couldn’t come to the office earlier, because the weather was bad and traffic sucked.” – How often did you tell something like this to yourself or your boss or your spouse?

Be honest, that is a lame excuse!

If you are late, it’s your god damn fault. If you didn’t finish your work, it’s your fault. Maybe you didn’t start early enough to get there, maybe you don’t have priorities set straight in your life, maybe you are lousy at planning, or maybe you are just a huge procrastinator.

But in the end it’s your fault, admit it.

Don’t blame anyone else

Wherever you are right now, in which circumstances you live, which job you are having, chances are high you are responsible for that.

Of course, you could blame society, or your parents, that’s easy way.

It’s easier blaming the unfair distribution of money in jobs than looking into the mirror and asking yourself why you are in the current situation in life.

It’s easier to just say yes to anything than to fight for what you want and get in an uncomfortable situation.

It’s easier to stay in that dead-end job and pretend you can not do anything else than getting your fucking ass up and learning something new.

It’s easier to stay in the relationship with someone you don’t love than to end the relationship.

It’s easier to order some pizza than to go to the market and get something to prepare a meal for yourself.

It’s easier to have another dinner with the friend you don’t like and that is dragging you down all the time than telling him or her that you don’t want to meet anymore.

I get it, you want the easy life. But then please, stop wining, stop complaining.

Or finally do something about it!

Now I got you where I want you. You are now feeling a bit guilty right now, do you?

You and your decisions are the root of all evil. But listen, THAT’S AMAZING.

You are responsible for your life, for the circumstances, for the relationships you are having. So you are also able to change them. YOU CAN CHANGE THEM.

You can influence everything around you. You decide what you eat, who you meet, what you do, what you consume, what you watch, or if you watch TV. You have a voice, use it!

That’s the great thing about being grown up. You have then choice. You have the power and ability to decide what you want.

So get your ass up and change something instead of using your power to wine and complain.