You are never done

I like to train people, I like to see people grow, I like to help people on their way. Probably that's one thing that made me who I am and brought me where I am today.

Still I often see one common thought, one common misconception. After the training or after this or that lesson I will be done. No, you won't, you won't ever be done. There is no DAY X that changes everything and you are complete then.

It's a continous struggle

When I was a teenager I really hated school. In the 7th grade I started to just copy all of the homework, I didn't see any value in it as I don't do today with most of the school systems but that's another point.

I was such a lazy guy. After being ready with school and start a real job I thought I will come home and just do nothing, watch TV, play video games, because that's how you do things. I thought that would be awesome.

Soon I realized that won't be it. At least not if I want to get somewhere in my life. I figured out that if I want to life above average in any case I had to get my ass up. Not only once, all the time.

And yes, sometimes it is challenging. But also I cannot life without it.

I don't want the highlight of my life to have watched all the series that run on Netflix. I want more.

Don't be afraid to fail

"If you want something you've never had, you'll have to do something you've never done." - Dave Ramsey

This quote by Dave Ramsey I read in his book the Total Money Makeover. I don't think I need to explain what the book is about.

It describes very well what I am trying to say, if you don't want a mediocre, average, usual life that everybody else has, you need to act different than everybody else does.

You need to do more than the average person does in life. Learn more, try more and even fail more. You will fail anyway in life. If you practice it, you will get better. There is a reason skateboarders learn to fail before they go on a ramp.

What do you think how many things I have tried and failed? At least a 100 projects didn't work out. But I keep trying.

Stay excited

This 100 projects are 100 ways that just didn't work out. Maybe 101 works out or 105 or 999.

I am excited what life has to offer and we are living in an awesome time. 20 years ago it was quite hard to publish a news show that is reachable world wide from a small village in the countryside.

Yes, it's challenging to stay up to date and excited with all the innovations in technology, but it's doable and you don't need to jump on every hype train that drives to nowhere. But stay up to date on what's important for your industry.

Every change creates oppurtunities, it's up to you what you make out of them.

Try what is working and what's not. Don't burn yourself on every endeavor and now when to stop.

Keep trying

If you fail, what's the worst thing that can happen? Ask yourself this question.

You can lose money? Awesome, money comes back.

People laugh at you? Great, that ones that laugh about you are too afraid to try anyway.

You wasted time? No, you gained valuable experience. And be honest here, if you wouldn't try you would waste the time with another series on Netflix anyway.

You got this one life. Don't waste it with mediocracy and enjoy the struggle.

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck