You Are Not That Important

… and neither am I. The world will continue turning when we are long gone.

So will it when you don't answer the phone. So will it when you don't check social media every ten minutes. So will it when you don't answer emails right away.

It even will keep turning when you disable all notifications.


But what if someone needs your answer? They may need you to answer, but not at this very moment. I am sure it's not about life and death.

If you condition people to answer them in a minute, well, you have trained them to expect it from you. It is about time to wean them. How slow you can get away with it? Once a day? Twice a day?

Schedule that email time and then take it seriously. Do not multitask, instead give valuable answers that really answer the mail and be done with it, so that it doesn't come back.

We all know the mails that end like "Opinions?" or "Feedback?" The author of this email mostly didn't take enough time to come to a conclusion. Think about the last time you received such an email. Was it thought through well, or just sent out and tried to get away with it?

The same applies for calls, if someone calls you, and you have your phone on mute, either they will find someone else that answers their question, or wait until you see that call and get back to them. (Plus, you can define important people as VIPs and let their calls break through mute, if that's important for you.)


Are you checking your mails and social media just in case someone needs something from you? Then I have two serious questions for you:

  1. Who's defining your schedule and your to-do list? Your mailbox is not the world's to-do list.
  2. Don't you think you overestimate your importance? Take this with a grain of salt and think about it.

It's easy to work from your inbox because you don't have to think about what's important for you, I get it. But that leads nowhere. You may be everybody's darling, but your work goes nowhere. Don't let other peoples priorities define your day. What's important to you? What do you need to get done?


Like I said in the beginning, we are all not that important. We could get philosophical now, and compare our lifespan to the time the world exists, but I think you get it.

It's not a matter of life and death answering your phone.

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck