You are what you consume

Since that idea for that article came to my mind, I was really excited two write about that 😉

You have ever heard that saying, you are what you eat? I am sure you have. If you only feed yourself with shit, you will feel like shit, you will be shit. As simple as that.

Since this isn’t a foodie blog, that post of course is not related to the consumption of food. It’s about your brain and it basically means the same; if you are only letting your brain consume bullshit, then your brain starts become full of shit and only produces shit.

Some statistics

I actually wanted to do some math here. But let’s just live with the statistics provided by the Neilsen Company, summarized here, the average American watches about 35.5 hours of television a week.

35.5 hours, that’s nearly a whole work week. Let that sink for a while…

That makes me sad

And now we come to the actual point of this post here. What is the majority of people watching?

Game shows, reality bullshit, so called documentaries. If you really think that the afternoon program on your favorite TV channel is reality, please leave my blog. Now.

If not, hey welcome, my name is Daniel, you are in the middle of a rant against television.

Most of the shit that is played is not true, it’s scripted reality, to make it more interesting. They are only displaying the worst of the people and edit the shows to make it look like they would act like that all day. They want you to feel better than the person on the screen. The directors of this shows are brilliant people, they know what questions to ask the “actors” in this show to embarrass them just a little bit more.

People are watching this, thinking Yes, I am better than that guy. But what happens with you while watching this, is even worse.

The effect on yourself

Forgive me, I suck with examples…

In Germany it’s quite normal, to do language courses in another country. My school class for example was in England for a week or so. Why? To improve the English skills and also talk to native speakers a little more. The language and the pronunciation sinks in to your head.

And the same goes for the bullshit you consume on TV. If you are only watching this enough, sorry, you are becoming what you are watching.

If you listen to Jeremy-Pascal and his 15 brothers all day, you will sound like them and even worse also think like them. It’s not OK to think about being unemployed all of life, because someone is going to pay for you. It’s not OK to punch other people because a stupid TV displays that.

Feed your brain with the right things

Good news on the other hand. If that works with in a bad direction, it also works in a good direction.

If you start replacing that bullshit television stuff with valuable content; reading a book, watching a course, listening to smart people, you will also start understanding how they think, and why they act how they act.

There are tons of free content out there, or books that cost a few dollars, that can teach you how to make the right decisions and how to work on yourself to get more out of your life.


If you replace that television time with something more valuable, for example feeding your brain with the right things, working on your own company, spending time with your loved ones, I can promise you this will improve your life.