You cannot buy into a Dream

I know, you want to be that great athlete from the latest TV commercial. And the ad promises you, that you can make it just because of these awesome shiny shoes with a triple foam wtf sole.

Go buy them. Or better stick here and read my article, save your money and learn something.

The false first step

Me, the guy behind the keyboard, did this all the time. Otherwise I wouldn’t have spent 20K on amazon over 6 years.

I started creating videos around 2015. And damn it, I wanted to become good at it. And how do you get good at something? Of course, buy stuff! Buy an expensive camera, good gear, the stuff that these guys on YouTube use. Otherwise, you won’t ever become a filmmaker or photographer.

And of course you need all those extras, to make your workflow as smooth as possible. Plus you need to look cool while doing it. If there is no big brand name on it, you are doing wrong! Come on, do I need to give you the basics of filmmaking here?

Well, bullshit.

All of the above is wrong. That’s the first false step. In the meantime, we are trained to do exactly that. It’s YouTube, TV, magazines that make us believe we need all of the above.

Our skills won’t change because of buying tons of shit.

Of course with a better camera you can achieve better results, but first, you need to learn the craft itself. Otherwise, you a having an awesome looking 8K footage, that has bad lighting and still looks crappy.

Use the tools you have. If you want to start going to the gym, use normal sneakers and some comfy pants in the beginning. Nobody cares about what you do in the gym, compression wear in neon colors won’t make it easier to lift that weights.

Be honest what you need. Do you really need a 5K camera for your first appearance on YouTube or isn’t your smart phone camera good as well, or the camera you can borrow from a friend for a while?

Sit on your ass and do what is necessary. Of course it is hard, otherwise everybody would do it.

If it’s uncomfortable, it’s good

When I started in tech, I looked at my colleagues, and everything looked so easy. Understanding system architecture and code was cumbersome at the beginning, and I thought that I would never get it.

It was really difficult to get some concepts, but going through this again and again built up some strong habits, problem solving habits that even help me today.

Right now I am getting deeper into data science topics, and they are also hard to understand and learn. But I know it’s worth it if I stick with it and take every challenge, I can get.

Whenever I feel uncomfortable in a situation, I do my best to embrace it.

When you always feel safe and comfortable, probably you are stuck. Embrace uncertainty and get out of your comfort zone.