My name is Daniel Hauck.

I live somewhere in the forests near Stuttgart. I am a minimalist and love good coffee. Besides that I love to write.

Like you can see here. You made it to my personal blog, where I write about self-development, so about challenges that I am facing or that I have overcome.

When I am not writing I am leading an awesome team at a German e-commerce company. That's also where my main interest currently goes; Agile leadership, or the Agile mindset in general. Because as Juergen Appelo says it: "Treating employees like adult human beings might be common sense, but is not common practice."

So a lot of my time goes into studying these topics and also into meeting various people in the field. Currently I am building another project called Leading Agile. It consists of a blog about Agile Leadership and also a slack group where experiences and ideas are getting exchanged.

Find Me Online

Besides this blog, you can finde me as well on

What I use

We can talk about it over and over again, that gear doesn't matter, but at the end of the day we still enjoy looking at the tools and toys other people use.

I try to avoid special apps and not get too attached. It's about the system you use, what you are having in your brain and not how a certain app works.


I am sucker for the Apple ecosystem. So most of my tools only work there.

Find most of the stuff here.


This site runs on Ghost. It is the CMS of choice. It's way simpler and more intuitive compared to other systems. It's doing less, but it's doing it better.

Hardware / Tools

Guilty, I am an Apple fanboy.

Here you can find most of the stuff I use.