I am Daniel Hauck, productivity and time obsessed guy with a passion for sharing knowledge and helping people getting more out of there life.

Writing is one of my other passions that I am doing daily. With the written word my aim is to help people discover their real potential and see what is possible if you are just getting of the couch and do some small changes in your life.

Be it time management, productivity systems or minimalism, there is some thing on the blog for everybody.

What makes this blog different?

There are tons of prodcutivity experts out there, that are trying to sell you their own 100 % working blueprint. It's a trap.

There is no system that just works out of the box. I am here to help you discover your own way. I am still adapting a lot myself and learning a lot. I don't want to give you a blueprint, I want to give you the knowledge and the tools to build and adapt your own system.

May it be organized to the minute or may it be a crumbled index card you are carrying around in your pants.

As I am still somehow a nerd I will sometimes write about tools, that I use or that I test so you don't have to do the work ;)

Find me

Some of my other projects and where you can find me online.

DHCK.Today - My daily blog, where I post random thoughts and some pictures every single day.
Twitter - Some thoughts here and there 🤷‍♂️
LinkedIn - Yeah, professional!
Xing - Yeah, professional (in German)!


As I am a huge huge Trello fan boy I organized a lot things in boards, because they are so easy to update and maintain.

So here you can find the blogs and resources I read, use, watch ...