You are grown up – act like it

“I couldn’t finish my work until today, because I couldn’t come to the office earlier, because the weather was bad and traffic sucked.” – How often did you tell something like this to yourself or your boss or your spouse? Be honest, that is a lame excuse! If you are late, it’s your god damn […]

Isn’t minimalism a contradiction?

I once had a talk trying to explain someone minimalism. The immediate response was; if minimalism in itself wouldn’t be a contradiction and if that’s not even quite excessive. A quite interesting view, let’s discuss that from multiple viewpoints. Huh? Probably I had a weird look in my face when I first heard that. But […]

NaNoWriMo and Me

Since Friday I am trying to get 1667 words out of my hands every single day. On Friday it worked not that bad and I had a strong start. As long as I was writing the preface this wasn’t an issue at all, I knew exactly what to write and was quickly through it. But […]

This year I will …

Yes, I know you had plans for 2019 and you still have, but let me tell you something. 2019 is nearly over. There are only 70 days left! Visualize that and again tell me your plans for 2019. Are you sad now? Good! Because that planning year by year won‘t work! Don‘t depend on an […]

NaNoWriMo 2019 Warmup

Good Morning, 05:56 here, I am ready to go, but first I want to sit down and tell you what I have done. I want to tell you about my commitment. Last week I have decided to take on these years NaNoWriMo, without actually knowing too much about it. I thought it‘s a fun idea […]

My phone screen in October 2019 – And Why

Last week I was sitting there and getting just a bit annoyed by my phone, it seemed cluttered. Usually I had a very clean layout of a 4×4 grid. 4 folders on the top: Work Connect Go Sift The idea behind this is to cluster the apps I am mostly using. But as I am […]

I don’t know – say it

When I entered the job world after finishing IT school I thought I know everything, luckily I didn’t. I was standing there, thinking I am ready to tackle just anything. Luckily I fell on my nose pretty quickly. I didn’t know anything, yeah in school I learned how to do this and that, but I […]

Someday – The Day that will never come

How often you told yourself Some day I will be this or Some day I will do that? Let me tell you, that magical Some day will never come unless you don‘t start taking action. You will die – that‘s for sure If you lost loved ones, or heard of people dying, young and old, […]

Opportunities don’t wait until you are ready

From the first of October on I will take on the next step in my career. I will be the head of web development in the company I am working for and be responsible for nearly 30 developers, ops guys, ​and data engineers. For me, that is huge. It won’t be easy, it’s also new […]

You cannot buy into a Dream

I know, you want to be that great athlete from the latest TV commercial. And the ad promises you, that you can make it just because of these awesome shiny shoes with a triple foam wtf sole. Go buy them. Or better stick here and read my article, save your money and learn something. The […]