Trip to Croatia

Good Morning, today we will start a rarely short trip to Croatia. We will be there from Friday till Sunday for a birthday. Since we have no car I had to rent one and I am quite happy with the outcome, it is a Ford Focus Tournier (a bit underpowered ;)).

We started around seven and now we are doing a little break at McDonalds for some breakfast. Sam is working and I am just writing this little post, since I have to drive again and I didn’t want to bring my laptop because I won’t have a chance to work when we are there anyway.

Since I stopped the pressure with writing my 10 minutes writing it is also way easier to write again. I don’t have to pull something out, I just can enjoy writing 😉

We still have 6 hours to go as we are only around Munich at the moment. Gladly the streets aren’t to full at the moment, because the school holidays are over now 😉

See you when we are there 😉

Let’s end this now

I (again) haven’t kept up my schedule of writing everyday. Or not writing, better said publishing. I am writing every single freaking day.

But writing for the sake of just putting some words out everyday, it started to become annoying to me. I didn’t publish because I didn’t find the time to. I sat there and just didn’t feel like sitting there and just writing something to put it out there. And that’s the main reason, I won’t be doing this anymore.

Instead I will focus on longer stories. Maybe there will be also one daily, but maybe not, if I don’t think it’s worth a single post. Maybe there is also a one sentence post about a thing that I encountered that day, or maybe nothing.

That 10 minute writing thing also kind of limited me in the end. If I wanted to put out more I was afraid that I couldn’t fill the next day and so on. That’s why this 10 minute things ends for now. And no, I won’t publish anything like “here is season 3” tomorrow 😉

Instead of “See you tomorrow” here is a “See you when a new post is ready 🤷‍♂️

The Never Ending Story of my Home Network

If you are just starting out in tech, you probably won’t understand. If you are longer in the tech field, you can surely relate.

When I began with IT stuff, I had switches, firewalls and servers in my little basement apartment. 8 years later, I just want this shit to work and don’t want to do anything with it. Set it up once, run forever. So I have this business connection with about 150 MBit/s for almost two years now. I bought a cheap router / access point after getting the modem for it and never looked at it. The connection was quite fast and I had nothing to complain about, since I was connected by cable most of the time.

When I moved to the new flat I just connected the thing and did’t think about it either since there were more important things at that time.

A year later, my girlfriend started to work from home and then the whole story began again. I just debugged the line and realized, that I only have 30 MBit/s instead of 179 MBit/s which I have at the modem.

End of the story I replaced the broken router, now the wifi in the living room is pretty fast again at about 160 – 170 MBit/s. But the connection in both offices still sucks at 50 MBit/s.

So I experimented with a powerline kit, a cheap one I still had left. But I coulnd’t get more than 50 MBit/s in my office.

Today I went to the store and bought another kit and tried the whole evening to get more through the line. I ended up with 170 MBit/s on the outlet in the bathroom. Great.

Next try will probably be some wifi mesh stuff.

That’s it. See you tomorrow!

Sharing is Caring

In most teams there are people with different specialities. One is better in frontend, one is better in backend and somebody else knows better how to handle databases. Well, that’s a good thing. You can learn from each other. If you are willing to share and admit what you don’t know.

Actually everything is said in the first paragraph, so I could stop here 😉 But let’s dive in a bit.

The problem I often see is, people are afraid to share their knowledge, because they think they make themselves obsolete. When you are the best Javascript developer and teach everybody else on the team about the new cool ES6 features, you are easily replaceable and could lose your job. Well that’s bullshit.

In the moment you prepare to share something or teach someone, you notice things you didn’t know. At least that happens to me all the time. Especially in tech, you shouldn’t stick with your knowledge. Remember flash? Sure you do. The best flash developers are unemployable today, if they wouldn’t have advanced in other topics.

And on the counterpart, if you admit, that you don’t know everything, you will learn so much new stuff and go through the world which your eyes wide open and encounter cool new things, that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Repetition is key

I’ve looked at a ton of technologies and programming languages, which is good for my job. So I can tell you how to solve a problem with which technology and which tools fit for you.

But as much things I have learned, I have forgotten a ton of them. Because I did on or to tutorials and read the manuals, doesn’t mean I totally master that skill. Repetition is key.

Things like Python, NodeJS, automation stuff, I know by heart, I can tell you hours about Jenkins, about CI, about configuration management, the advantages and disadvantages about several approaches. Why? Because I have done this things daily. I am working with Python for about 6 years every day. But I only know it so well, because I use it every day, I repeat simple things every day.

So what’s my point today? I really suck at CSS, or better at advanced stuff, like animations. My goal for September is, to publish 6 codepens, each on different topics of CSS. Why six? I don’t now 😉 Sounds like a good number to start. I want to do different topics, like layout with flexbox and grid, animations, filters and so on.

Expect the first at the middle of next week. See you tomorrow!

I only need to buy X before I start

Is that you? It was me. When I started going to the gym and lifting weights I looked for the coolest gym gear I could find and bought a lot of things I didn’t even know how to use. But the thing is, I thought they make me better. It turns out, they don’t.

But I experienced this thing in so many ways. I also looked for cool gadgets, to fill my workspace. USB gadgets all over the place. When I started building stuff with the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi, I also bought a ton of sensors. I didn’t even what to use them for.

After reading a lot about minimalism, not that thing with white tables and white walls all over the place, I started getting rid of a lot of these things. I am still in the process of getting rid of things. But now I now, that all of these actions, where the wrong first thing to do.

Instead of going out there and searching for the coolest stuff for the new thing I want to learn, I try to do my best, with the things I have. And only when I have outgrown these things, I am looking for the stuff that will improve me in this hobby or in this area.

In short, your gear doesn’t matter. You can achieve so much with less. You don’t need a MacBook Pro to start programming, I learned it on a ThinkPad T42 which I bought used for 100 Euro. You don’t need great running shoes to go to the gym. You don’t need a 3000 Euro camera, to learn shooting photos, a used one from eBay is enough for the beginning. Only look for upgrades, if you really need them.

Sometimes, less is more. See you tomorrow!

Dont’ overthink – start!

Yeah, my setup is almost is ready. I decided to develop on a minikube setup in the future. It’s powered by kubernetes. Something I have to learn a lot about, but it’s fun.

And that made me think about some stuff. I sat there and thought about a good structure for my projects. Yeah it is kind of important, but not that I should think hours about it.

We all have this moments, where we instead of just starting something, overthinking it and not doing anything. Sure some things need planning, but don’t lose to much time on it.

You can always adjust later. That’s it for today!

Life is no computer, phone or car

Today we had our lazy day. We watched a few movies, took a nap and besides that I decided to reinstall my MacBook. It was a relaxing day.

I have this MacBook since August 2016 and don’t have reinstalled it since then. This is quite unusual for me. When I used Linux Ubuntu on several ThinkPads I usually reinstalled it every month, just for fun and testing my automation stuff. And of course sometimes because I broke the installation while testing something.

The reason for reinstalling it, was quite simple, it was cluttered. I had so many projects on it. There was so much history on it. So many tools I didn’t use anymore. The menu bar was full of icons. It just felt disorganized.

After backing up the thing, which was a pain by the way, I had it reinstalled after an hour and worked on the automation I had back then with my linux installation. I started setting up ansible roles, for installing command line utils, my development environment and all the stuff I need to get back to work, like docker and nodejs.

“Now I do everything different”, how many times you have thought this, when you got a new laptop, a new phone, a new car. Or even a notebook? Now I will keep it clean. Note; you won’t.

With material stuff, this works. Everytime you switch your device or whatever, you can start fresh.

This don’t works with your life. So make thoughtful decisions and think of the consequences of your actions. You can reinvent yourself, but some things, just don’t disappear or can be deleted or cleaned up.

See you tomorrow!

Be a decision maker 6/140

Everyday there are a ton of decisions to make. Some are smaller, some are bigger. What should I wear, where should I eat, which job should I take, should I buy that car?

You see, big and small decisions. In one post I have written, you can neglect choice to make your life a lot easier, by just making a lot of decisions upfront. Especially what you could wear and eat that day.

You cannot prepare all the decisions in your life and that’s why you need to train yourself in making them.

Often I am around people where nobody wants to make a decision, because they don’t want top piss anybody off. Guess who makes the decisions then 🤷‍♂️ But don’t bel afraid to be the decisionmaker here. The most people are greatful that they don’t have to decide, for example where you will eat lunch.

But these are unimportant decisions. When it comes to business decisions or family planing decisions, most people push the answer to some point in time. And there never will be a decision. Of course in business and family there can be situations, where you have to wait for some data. Then make an appointment for the decision, when you are likely to have the data. But then, make the decision don’t say you will meet in 2 weeks and make the decision, do it NOW!

By making decisions over and over again, you will get trained in it and it get’s easier. So to close it for today, be a decision maker!

Look back and celebrate 5/140

Today I recieved a reminder from Day One about the entries on 23. August 2017, which is one year back from now. It was one of the first days, I have used it for my journal.

Point 1 is the cool awesome app that I used since then.

Point 2, which is more important; I can compare, how I have improved since than. My thoughts are different, I look different, I feel different, I work on different things.

And you don’t need a journal for this. Just think back one year. What changed since then? What have you learned? Which bad habits did you drop, which good habits did you learn?

I am sure everybody can find at least one thing, that he or she has improved in.

That’s it, see you tomorrow!