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What happens to your former tasks

What happens to your former tasks
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This is part of the first book I have written. In the meantime it's ready and available on GumRoad.

After acknowledging your new career and that it’s not just additional work, we can take the next step. What’s happening to the work you did before?

Great question! Get rid of it!

Maybe not of all of it. That highly depends on your company and on the context you are in. Depending on many factors, like the industry you are in, the expectations of your boss and so on, you will be keeping some of your former tasks.

But at least some of it has to go. You need to make room for the new duties that will come soon. Not only in your schedule, but also in your mind.

Either get a piece of paper, analog or digital, and list all of your tasks. Not only the obvious ones, also the ones you do daily to keep things running. It also helps to discuss and complement the list with colleagues.

When you are finished, decide what you still will be doing, and what has to go. For the tasks that you will not be doing anymore, define who will be talking them over.

While this sounds like a little task, it’s an important one. Don’t underestimate its importance. Many new managers underestimate the importance of making room in their mind and schedule and still think they can do it all.

Take this step serious. If you do your manager job the right way, it will add more value for the team, than by doing more of individual work.

“If I did that myself, we would be already done…” — Every New Manager

This will happen. I thought like that. You will think like that. Especially in the beginning when you are still used to doing stuff on your own.

It’s OK (and normal) to think like that. But it’s critical to keep that voice down and don’t start overruling your teammates right away.

Even if the result won’t be at 100 percent (who defines that anyway?), that is how you build trust and autonomy with your team.

This is part of the first book I have written. In the meantime it's ready and available on GumRoad.