Last updated: 08th September 2019

Current location: Stuttgart, Germany
before: Mumbai, India

This is a NOW page. It serves as a continuous documentation of what I am focusing on at the moment and what my priorities are.

View from 38th floor in Mumbai

Current Endeavours

  • For September, my goal is to set up a podcast. Therefore some research needs to be done. The necessary equipment I still own. But still, there are some open questions, related to
    • Hosting
    • Topics
    • Frequency
  • For the podcast I now have everything figured out. Now it’s on me, as usual, to record the first episode, which will also serve as an intro and edit that and figure out how to do the whole thing as easy and efficient as possible.
  • Yesterday I arrived back in Stuttgart, after two weeks of Mumbai

Ongoing Efforts

Here I will put ongoing efforts, what I am working on or where I am trying to improve.

Just a quick list of what I am up to at the moment:

This Blog

  • At the moment I am developing a theme for this blog. It’s not perfect, neither it’s ready. As I am quite happy with the outcome, I already activated it. There are some fixes and improvements to be done by the end of August
  • As this blog now has some more content, I am now working on structuring it and playing around with some ideas. By intention, I didn’t write about tools I use too much in the past as I wasn’t sure how to package it in this blog. I am still about figuring out, if this should get into a separate blog, or if I will put them behind a curtain and refer to them in the more meta-level articles