What I am doing now

Last updated: 8th July 2019

Current location: Stuttgart, Germany

This is a NOW page. It serves as a continuous documentation of what I am focusing on at the moment and what my priorities are.

latest picture from the first evening in Ringkøbing in Denmark, enjoying a beer at the beach

Current Endeavours

  • Right now I am on vacation in Ringkøbing in Denmark. We have rented a house there with 5 other folks, where we spend a great time in the pool with some beers and cider. Actually it’s a bit chillier than expected, but still a great time.
  • As you may have seen I just finished my 31 day writing challenge. This was solely to get back into writing. Even if some people say, the like my straight-to-the-point writing style, I’d like to work on that a bit more. So I have planned to take two writing classes and one for story telling after finishing the trainer exam. They are all on Skillshare:
  • I want to get more into data science / data analysis, therefore I signed up for https://www.datacamp.com/. On this I will post more on dhauck.dev
  • Moving comes closer and closer and I still don’t have an apartment, I am seeing that relaxed, but I still would like to have that out of the way. I am even thinking about not getting an apartment at all. But let’s see how this all works out…

Ongoing Efforts

Here I will put ongoing efforts, what I am working on or where I am trying to improve.

Just a quick list what I am up to at the moment:

  • Minimalism
  • Caring more about the environment
  • Improving health / Taking care of my body

This Blog

  • Basically I just started with this blog. Most of the content is not even a month old. So yeah, it’s work in progress. I am quite happy with the look, but I want to put some effort in structuring the content.
    So I thought about a Start here structure. Most of my posts fit into multiple areas, so I want to tag them, for example with minimalism and productivity, than they should appear in both areas. I still like this approach, I will probably start implementing this soon.
  • When I started with my 31 day challenge I put about 28 article ideas in Todoist, so a basic list. After about the half of the challenge I changed that to a Trello board as writing an article is not just ticking something in a list. So this how my board looks at the moment. There are some more columns, but these I don’t use at the moment.
  • With Gutentype I found a theme that helps me out a lot, but I need to stay focused on the content and not putting to much effort in the look and feel. There will a blog post about my current endeavor called Perfection is a Distraction