Last Update: 11th February 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany

This is a NOW page. It serves as a continuous documentation of what I am focusing on at the moment and what my priorities are.

What I am up to?

Ok, three months no update, yeah, that's not cool at all.

I have changed to much at once and didn't focus on my priorities. Then there was a definitely needed vacation for three weeks and here I am. Back to business.

Current Endeavors

Currently I am going strong on habits and try to improve my systems, my habits and my routines.

This year I will focus on creating more and living more. I am done with selling my soul ;)

My goal is currently to have written and scheduled at least six weeks in advance. When it comes to newsletters as well as normal posts. This is some ramp up work for now, but with this I am able to apply some margin for this project that I need to focus on things like the podcast and maybe thinking about stuff liking using social media more to spread the word. I don't know yet.

That should be it for now.